Southern Chinese city Haikou to make all buses green by 2020

Haikou, capital of south China's Hainan Province,苹果娱乐招商。 will work to have all buses in the city run on clean energy by 2020,苹果娱乐招商。 according to Hainan Daily.

Haikou is expected to have a total of 4,000 buses by 2020,苹果娱乐招商。 and the city is striving to achieve "zero emissions" by then,新宝gg网页版登录。 said Wang Yanxiong,2号站。 head of the local bus group.

Currently, the city has 2,华宇娱乐。320 buses with 2045 of them being clean-energy ones, accounting for 88 percent.

Wang said each clean-energy bus could save around 40,000 yuan (5835.新宝gg平台内部主管。2 U.新宝gg平台注册。S. dollars) on fuel costs.

The move is in line with a broader push for green car use in the island province, which was announced as a pilot free trade zone last year.苹果娱乐招商。,SouthernChinesecityHaikoutomakeallbusesgreenby2020。

In March, Hainan required all government vehicles,ThisisHainan。 except cars providing special services,新宝gg。 to use clean energy by 2028.

The province had previously announced the ban of oil-fueled automobile sales throughout the province by 2030.,株洲新闻网。

Hainan had 37,100 clean energy vehicles by the end of 2018,苹果。 accounting for about。9 percent of the province's total,招商。 among which 22,southernchinesecityhaikoutomakeallbusesgreenby2020-thisishainan。800 were NEVs. More than 4,500 charging facilities for electric cars have been built.

Responsible editor: 刘娉
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