The first Sanya business environment assessment report released

The first Sanya business environment assessment report released,新宝gg注册站。

On May 14, Sanya Business Environment Assessment Report was released for the first time by Deloitte China,新宝gg注册站。 the third-party professional service institution.新宝gg注册站。 According to the report,新宝6。 Sanya's business environment score is 73.华宇娱乐。43, ranked 49 in the global comprehensive simulation rankings.

Deloitte China predicted that Sanya's business environment is expected to gain a visible improvement by continuously promoting the implementation of optimization measures. Besides,杏耀娱乐。 Sanya's indicators of enterprises establishment and assess to electricity is expected to enter top 20 in the world by the end of 2019.正信在线总代。,正信在线安全吗。

Ten dimensions to examine Sanya's business environment, scored 73.新宇娱乐。43

"Sanya's Business Environment Assessment Report--Based on the World Bank's Business Environment 2019 Index System" is released by Deloitte China, a third-party assessment institution.新宇娱乐注册。 It employs the World Bank's standardized scoring system to systematically assess the effectiveness and development situation of Sanya's business environment construction,新宇娱乐登录。 and explore Sanya's current position in the world and its direction in the future reforms.新宝gg注册站。,ThefirstSanyabusinessenvironmentassessmentreportreleased。

The report examines the overall level of Sanya's business environment from starting up enterprises, transacting construction permits,ThisisHainan。 access to electricity to register property,新宝gg。 paying taxes,株洲讯息网。 cross-border trade and other ten dimension.注册。

The assessment report was launched at the beginning of last December and lasted for nearly half a year. Through visits and investigation,thefirstsanyabusinessenvironmentassessmentreportreleased-thisishainan。 in-depth interviews,thefirstsanyabusinessenvironmentassessmentreportreleased。 observation and questionnaire surveys for government departments,thisishainan。 enterprises and third-party service institutions,株洲。 it further expanded the research scope and comprehensively understood the overall situation of Sanya's business environment construction.讯息。,新宝gg注册站。

It takes only two working days for enterprises’registration in Sanya,ThefirstSanyabusinessenvironmentassessmentreportreleased。

As the only national second batch of business environment trail assessment cities in Hainan Province, Sanya insists on attracting global investors with the best resources and services,ThisisHainan。 speeding up the construction of a legal,新宝gg。 international and convenient business environment.株洲讯息网。,注册。

From January to April this year, the total import and export volume of Sanya's foreign trade was 2.71 billion yuan, increased 50.2 percent over the same period of last year; 7945 emerging market entities were added in the city, of which 3678 were newly established enterprises, increased 54.86%; 10 headquarters-based enterprises were added, of which 2 top 500 enterprises set up regional sectors in Sanya. Since the 100-day investment promotion campaign, 62 new headquarters-based enterprises and 11 top 500 enterprises have been established in Sanya.

Sanya strengthens the implementation effect of the "20 Articles of Sanya Optimized Examination and Approval Service", reducing the time for enterprises’establishment, which only takes 2 working days for registration.

Sanya is expected to enter the world's top 20 in terms of business start-up and access to electricity

Deloitte China predicted in its report that by the end of 2019, Sanya's scores and rankings in many dimensions such as starting up enterprises, transacting construction permits, access to electricity and tax-related matters will be greatly improved over the current level. And the rankings in the dimensions of starting up enterprises and access to electricity are expected to enter the top 20 in the world.

Responsible editor: 刘娉
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